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Canada has signed the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement... and I must admit that this makes me fear for this gallery's future.

As you may or may not remember from before, the agreement could have disastrous effects on several factors, from allowing pharmaceuticals to raise prices for medicine, to laws allowing companies to sue countries if their legislation gets in the way of "potential profits". But the scariest part, and the one that affects us all, is the sections on copyright. Fan art itself could be considered a crime under this agreement, and that is true even if the copyright holder doesn't file anything. Here's a brief summary of those little laws:

-Entire families might be kicked off the internet even if you're just ACCUSED of breaking copyright.
-Copyright infringement will become a jailable offense.
-ISPs will have to monitor its users' Internet activity in order to enforce these laws, or they could face the risk of being sued.
-Transferring your DVDs to digital, even for personal purposes, can be fined up to 10,000$.
-The lasting time of copyrights will be extended to 70 years after the death of the author before the content falls into public domain, something that could well harm the public domain itself.
-Entire sites may be taken down for copyright infringement. Youtube and deviantArt, I fear, may be the most likely victims of that.
-Cosplayers, I have bad news for you: cosplaying might become a punishable offense due to copyright.
-Fair use and other protections against copyright will be overriden by the TPP.
-Let's Plays, fan art, video game streaming, and other things we all enjoy and do could become illegal due to copyright.
-Copyright infringement will be punishable EVEN IF THE HOLDER DOES NOT FILE A CRIMINAL COMPLAINT!

So, unless something makes this whole thing crumble to pieces, or the upcoming Canadian elections put a party in power that will oppose the agreement, then I fear that this may be in our future. This means that Wanderers and the Pokémon Nuzlocke will have to be burnt to the ground to avoid getting into potential trouble with the law. The mere prospect simply angers and depresses me because I've spent a lot of time and effort on those things, and to see them become jailable offenses in the name of "potential profits" makes me livid. I mean sure, if it comes down to that, I could probably start a new series that isn't a fan work. But why should I have to give up things that I love for the sake of some corporation? Why should any of us give up drawing characters from shows and games we love, just to serve "potential profits"? Well, I'll tell you this: that's an utter load of bullshit.

To all my Canadian friends here, make sure to make your voice heard in the upcoming elections. Vote for people who won't threaten our hobby. And for the rest of you in countries that will be affected by this treaty, sign petitions, send letters to your representatives. Make yourselves heard. We can't let this pass...

Page 9 of the Nuzlocke is crawling slowly towards the finish line, hoping to release it very soon. But with all this, I'm starting to ponder if I should just not bother...

Here are the sources from the last time I talked about TPP:… (KnowYourMeme article on TPP. Check the image and video galleries for more info)… ("Why cosplay fans fear the TPP", Nikkei Asian Review)… ("Secrecy of TPP talks fuels concern about influence of corporate property lobby", The Japan Times)… ("Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Awareness", Vinny from Vinesauce) (Imgur album that Vinny from Vinesauce linked in the comment section of his video)

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ArtfulRoomsOfDeath's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Howdy! I'm ArtfulRoomsOfDeath. I go by several names on other places, BulletBillTime and BeethroBudkin07 being the most used. I adore making use of my creativity, whether it is through comic drawing or storywriting.

I have a fond spot for Sci-Fi and Comedy genres, mostly the latter. If something doesn't take itself too seriously, I can enjoy it.

I've been making comics since I was in Elementary School, so I've been doing them for a while. Can't say my first works were very good, though. It was all in good fun though. Amongst those early days series, the ones that kept resurfacing were "Life of a Smiley", an adventure starring two unnamed smiley faces as they go through life, and "Ladybug", which stars several bugs (a ladybug who is afraid of the dark, a sidekick fly, a caterpillar who is the mayor of a town and a spider who is the bad guy). Will those two ever show their faces here on this account? Maybe, but only time can tell.

I suppose you're here for my Pokémon Nuzlocke comic! It's okay, I think everyone here is :P It's updated once every month or two on average.

And there's also my Wanderers of the Mushroom Kingdom webcomic. As you might have guessed, it's a Mario webcomic that I've been spent three years on and off working on. It is currently on hiatus, but I'll probably return to it some day. It also has a website!

Favourite style of art: Something easy to draw! :P
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: A small Sony MP3 player.
Shell of choice: Koopa shells!
Personal Quote: I'll find one tomorrow.


It Was Me, Peri-dio! by ArtfulRoomsOfDeath
It Was Me, Peri-dio!

I found this lying in my drawings folder, so I decided to export it and upload it here. I remember wanting to put some shading for this picture, but shadows are HAAAARD xD

This was based on a sketch I did a few months ago in here: artfulroomsofdeath.deviantart.…

See you next time!
Budkin's Leaf Green Nuzlocke Page 9 by ArtfulRoomsOfDeath
Budkin's Leaf Green Nuzlocke Page 9
Page 9: Petty Squabbles

Happy new year! Wait, that's not right... of course it isn't right, it's been a bloody year you lazy dope you! D:< UUUUUUGH these delays are making me look really awful right now. At this point, I feel like I'm subconsciously trying to beat my personal record for longest delay between updates...

I don't feel like any reason I could think of would make a good excuse for making you folks wait a year. Sure, since Page 8 I've had a crummy semester, followed by an internship, and then more school and more life stuff, emotional junk, as well as my reignited interest in recording Let's Play videos that has consumed me for almost a year now. But I had plenty of time in between all that to get this out... All I can say now is: I'm truly, dearly sorry, and sincerely hope that this will be the last time such delays occur.

Starting next page, I'm going to be shrinking the page length to about half of the current size, in hopes that this will hopefully make releasing new content more manageable for me... I may also be graduating from the old Adventure Time style to my newer style as seen in my previous pictures. Or maybe I won't. If anybody has objections to this, let me know about it in the comments. :P

On to the comic! New party member is joining us, Symeno the Weedle (and Kakuna)! I've been waiting to have this guy on board for a while. He's definitely one of my favourites, if not my favourite overall! Also, the Rattata seems to be tracking down our heroes... that can't be good. D:

Welp, see you next year! Just kidding. :P (I hope... >.>)

Cover: artfulroomsofdeath.deviantart.…

Previous Page: artfulroomsofdeath.deviantart.…

(GRAVITY FALLS SPOILERS) Weirdpocalypse Please by ArtfulRoomsOfDeath
(GRAVITY FALLS SPOILERS) Weirdpocalypse Please
After listening to the latest episode of Gravity Falls, I sought out a good apocalyptic song to get hyped to for the next episode. And the song I settled on was "Apocalypse Please" by Muse, which felt dramatic enough to fit the tone of what's to come. And as I listened to it, I decided to draw this picture. Had to use a lot of water tool, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out! The sky behind the rift is rather disappointing, tried to replicate the trippy effects from the actual episode, but didn't manage it. ._.

In other news, I'm getting close to finishing Page 9 of the Nuzlocke comic! I'm on to the final stage of its composition, the backgrounds. Always so fun to do... But yeah, I'm hoping to release the new page by the 18th, though with school in full gear I can't promise this 100%... While I'm at it, many apologies for the year-long wait on that one. :'( Hopefully that's the last of those waits that I'll be having...

Anyway, I'll see you all in the next pic! Until then, have a nice one! :)
Carol's Red Headband! by ArtfulRoomsOfDeath
Carol's Red Headband!
I can't help but think this red headband just suits Carol. It kind of looks badass in a way. :D

I sketched this very quickly to get myself back into practice of drawing stuffs, and I'm rather happy with how this turned out!

Not much else to say here, so I'll see you next time!

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